Embrace Your Destiny

To be a champion, you must dream big. It’s not always about winning and losing, and it’s about everyday hard work and blooming every challenge. It’s about not being afraid and embracing the pain you’ll experience at the end of a game. I think people assume too harshly and get anxious about a specific challenge.

If life is a race, then who is winning?

Many things around us taught some precious life lessons and will also help us win the game of our lives.

If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life.

Try to keep in mind that it’s a long journey, a race, a game. It’s about staying focused, continuing to do good work, making you proud, and winning. That’s all that matters.

Many shortcuts in life will help make our dreams come true and succeed, but if shortcuts were the solutions to every problem, then every professional who uses shortcut keys on the keyboard would be a millionaire. Isn’t it true? But it’s not like that.

In reality, shortcuts usually lead to disappointments rather than quicker success. The key to any long-term success is to take the required small steps rather than skip any of them. A person can achieve his goals by dedication, hard work, and self-confidence, but if you choose the easy way out, it would be tough for an individual to achieve success and fame. This would always be true whether the goals are relationship-related or financial-related.

Every shortcut has a downfall, and in this race, if you’ve fallen, you must have enough strength to run again better and win. Your initial circumstances cannot decide the outcome. If you are determined to be successful and give it your all, you can live your dreams. All your visions can become a reality if you dare to chase them. Just daydreaming about what can happen is not good at all. We need to take the first step and pursue what we want. If an individual understood the trick of life, nobody could put him down.

Life is a wheel of fortune, and you have to spin it. There will be much stuff stuck on that, and you have to turn it and try your luck. If you don’t get what you desire, move it to the one you want. But, dude, nobody watches you when you are alone! Change your fortune by doing hard work and being dedicated to your goal. Only then will life consider that you’ve come back to the race.

Even betrayal is one of the most distressing events in our lives. After being betrayed by their close ones, most people are deeply affected, and some never fully recover and become apart from their lives.

Betrayal often creates a pain that is too uncomfortable to live in. The more uncomfortable we become, the more willing to change positions.

All at once, our egos are dying, profound truths are exposed, and we don’t know how to keep them hidden anymore. With our ego on life support, we have nothing standing between us, and parts of ourselves, our ego and vanity, hide so well. There is no pain with love, and love doesn’t hurt. Only our selfishness hurts. Only our fear hurts. Only the death of our arrogance and vanity hurts.

Sometimes, we don’t remain hurt forever. Intense pain changes us and reshapes us into something new. At times it’s hard to recognize the difference. With the loss of our “innocence,” we get angry. Our innocence was the comfortable fantasy we carried with us since childhood, and it sucks to lose it but try to come out of that sort of environment. Once you are apart from betrayal trauma, now it’s time to find out about the reason behind your betrayal. It would be interesting to know that the person you’ve trusted how any why betrayed you so simply and now moving around as nothing happened.

Maybe in the race of life, that individual tried to put you down by some dirty methods and win the race but don’t make it simple. If the person did that mistakenly and even apologized to you, he needs to be forgiven, but he would not have overlooked it if the person did that intentionally. So take the revenge, dude, come on, man, and put him down by identifying his weakness only by his technique. This would be the best revenge. The person would have never assumed that the person he betrayed would put him down just by his tricks only. Just do everything in silence. Remember that! In this game of life, do everything by maintaining quiet. Don’t let the people get any clue that you’re planning to defeat them. Leave them behind, then make noise to wonder how you conquered them.

Champions are made when nobody is watching. The game is on when you’re alone when you’re behind the scenes. You can lie about it, but your actions will expose you, or time will expose you. Looking at the mirror and knowing you’re not doing your best that you’re just pretending to live a life of an entrepreneur, why can’t people realize how lazy they are? Pretending to be champions just for the looks, how weird!

Please don’t make a mistake to live the same day, the same year, the same life without change, without improvement, without adventure, and call it a life. Breathing and living are two different things, and being satisfied and pretending are different.

So while everyone is debating, work while everyone is chilling, please stop living a sheep life when you can be a lion.

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