Another Day, Another Dawn!


And it’s another day, aren’t you energized for new goals, for new agendas, for new things to come up in your life? Well, most of you are not and let me tell you why, it’s because you never wanted to. We all are struggling hard, sometimes whole day and whole night, just to get successful in attaining our goal but it’s not the right technique. In this effort, we’re losing our mind, in order to get energetic in achieving our goals; we’ve to be smarter and thrilled everyday ‘cause everyday is a new start and it plays major role in accomplishing your goal.

If you’re controlling your brain then that’s the greatest thing but if it’s the brain that controls you, then you’ve to work hard dude! Most of the people procrastinates their work and that’s the point where they are losing. If you don’t set the time to work, if you don’t take action, if you don’t PUSH yourself to achieve your dreams, nobody else will do it for you. Live a life full of depth; find yourself, build yourself, and progress. Give your life a meaning. Life has no reason until you decide to give it. True motivation comes from inside, don’t just sit and expect from your life, take the action now.

Another day, Another DawnHave you planned something and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? It’s okay, it happens. But keep in mind that you’ve to be patience and remain silent. If you’ll announce that what has happened with you, it’ll create more obstacles for you. Just like a Lion, he always hunt in silence ‘cause he knows that if he’ll say that he’s going to hunt at the moment, all the animals will run away. They all will take the advantage of his move. Patience is also a form of action. I know you want the results now. I know you want to proof something now. I know you want to do things as soon as possible but that’s not our life works. Be patience and trust on time. Your time will definitely come. Remaining patience is one of the most important virtue and you all need to start building this into your personality now.

Sometimes, you’ll feel pressure, you’ll feel lost. You won’t feel motivated all the times. Pressure will make you stronger; it’s preparing you for tougher situations. Just like a diamond you will have to feel the pressure to get where you want to be unless you just want to be a common rock. Trust that light inside of you. Always remember that every time life throws you something “bad” it’s actually a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to see what you’re made of, an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to build your character, a stepping stone that gets you closer to SUCCESS.


When there is a day, there will always be a dawn. The expression “Another day Another dawn” depicts a brand new start which can give you hypothetically unlimited possibilities, leaving the past behind you, forgetting your mistakes. If it’s another day then another dawn will also come. Make sure that you’ll complete half of your work before the night. Leave nights for immediate actions. Let the whole world be sleeping and you, working on your goal. Some people sleep to see dreams and some stay up to work on theirs. Create your life where you don’t need a vacation from, just focus on your process goals instead of outcome goals.

One main thing, never expect anything from anyone. People make promises but they don’t know that promises are meant to be broken. When we expect something, it always leads to disappointments. Love yourself and it will not be called SELFISHNESS. Make your goals big, so you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.

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